All determinations at each venue/sport must be communicated through SOTX so that it may be disseminated to all athletes and coaches.



  • Track
    • NEISD Policy is to call an event due to lightening in the area. All participants will be directed to the area under the bleachers or to their vehicles.
    • All pop-up tents must immediately be dropped.
    • NEISD staff, SOTX staff and Games Management Team (GMT) will meet and determine the feasibility of continuing with rain.
      • Prelim races will be cancelled, and all races will become finals
  • Field
    • NEISD staff will determine if they will allow access to infield/softball throw fields due to rain.
    • SOTX staff and GMT will meet to determine safety for athletes and volunteers
      • Prelim events will be cancelled, and all heats will become finals


  • STAR Soccer complex staff will determine if the fields will be viable for play
    • Lightening, excess rain will cause cancellation of soccer tournament
    • Turf fields are not available from NEISD.
    • Other alternatives
      • No play on Friday, shortened play on Saturday
      • Play on Sunday


  • NEISD will determine the viability of the parking lot on Saturday morning for the event.
  • Sport Director Terry Cook will determine if the event needs to be cancelled due to weather.


  • NEISD will determine if the courts are safe for tennis play due to water on the courts.
    • If lightening is detected in the area, the event will be delayed.
    • All participants will be directed to the tennis center.
  • Sport Director Cindy Benzon will determine if play can continue.


  • Unaffected by weather due to indoor facility


  • Toyota Field staff will determine if Rain Plan B must be implemented
    • Athletes will walk around East Concourse, up the ramp, and go into their seats from the concourse above.
    • LETR will set up on concourse level to escort teams
    • Stage will not be set up
    • Emcee will be in central tunnel concrete area
    • Athletes will immediately exit the stadium at the conclusion, and head towards busses and parking at Heroes Stadium.


  • Morgan’s Wonderland will implement inclement weather policy, in place for the facility.


  • Unaffected due to indoor facility