Registration and Entry Fee Policy

SOTX provides local, area and regional competitions at no cost to teams.

When competing in Chapter Games, a $30.00 registration fee is required from all athletes and Unified Sports partners. This is to help offset costs associated with these events.

A Scratches Deadline has been established for each Chapter Games. Scratches of Athletes and/or Unified Partners will incur a $15.00 administration fee per participant that scratches if submitted after the Scratches Deadline. Scratches Deadlines can be found on each Chapter Games Entries Processing Schedule. The Entries Processing Schedule is listed at www.sotx.org/competitions on each Chapter Games competition page. Scratches must be submitted by the scratch deadline to the Director of Games Management in order to avoid the administration fee.

  • It is the responsibility of the local team, under the leadership of the HOD, to ensure that sufficient funds are available to support the needs of the team by having funds budgeted
  • Refer to page N of the SIG for further information on making payments for Chapter competitions

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