SOTX Rabbit Rule

The “Rabbit Rule” was established in Athletics, Aquatics, Bowling and Cycling for the purpose of equalizing competition and protecting against inaccurate entry scores or sandbagging in preliminaries.

The rabbit percentage is determined by using the best score in a heat.

Rabbit Rule seeks to equalize competition and protect against inaccurate entry scores WITHOUT disqualification.

The “Rabbit” (athlete)

  • is not disqualified.
  • does not repeat race.
  • will be awarded using their final score and placed within the closest heat based on that final score.
  • will be awarded 1st place if they outperform everyone else in their age group and gender within a single event.
  • will remain in their original heat and be awarded based off their final score if their entire heat rabbits.
  • will never displace another award recipient.

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