Rules & Competition

A Team Evaluation Questionnaire (TEQ) must be turned in with entries for all SO team competition entries.

TEQs include team-specific questions to help with the classification process to ensure teams are divisioned properly for competition.

Includes Unified Sports teams.

Athletes must be provided opportunity to compete in either one local competition or two scrimmages in preparation for area competition.

Due to safety risks, athletes using wheelchairs are prohibited from competing in the following team competitions:

  • Basketball, Flag Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball

Athletes using wheelchairs may compete in these sports’ Individual Skills contests should they meet the performance requirements.

Special Olympics Incorporated created the Honest Effort Rule in order to EQUALIZE competition by disqualifying any athlete who performs over a 15% improvement in any sport that has an entry score.

SOTX revised the Honest Effort Rule to prevent any athlete from becoming disqualified and created the “Rabbit Rule”.

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