Recommended Emergency Medical Procedures

  1. Do NOT move an athlete you believe may be seriously injured, especially an athlete with a head, neck, or back injury.
  2. A responsible person MUST STAY WITH THE INJURED ATHLETE at all times and have the SOTX Athlete Medical form available. That person must also provide appropriate emergency support based on his/her level of training and/or certification.
  3. Another responsible person should call 911 and meet them.
  4. Contact the parent or care provider as soon as possible.

Incident Reporting

SOTX is interested in identifying the causes of injuries and accidents so that preventative actions may be taken to reduce or eliminate potential dangers. Part of this process is the reporting of ALL injuries or potential injuries on the incident report form. An Incident Report Form (Special Olympics First Report of Accident/Incident) must be completed in its entirety for each occurrence of a physical accident or incident that may result in injury to an athlete, coach, volunteer, spectator or physical property damage.

The Incident Report Form can be found here, and is available from the Area Director or responsible SOTX staff person at all Special Olympics functions, competitions or training activities.

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