Risk Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What risk management responsibilities do I have as a coach?

As a leader within Special Olympics Texas, you must take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the program. Your goals would include the following:

  • To maximize safety of athletes, volunteers and spectators
  • To protect assets and reputation
  • To transfer risk of financial loss through contracts and a quality insurance program
  • To proactively report accidents/incidents to the SOTX Program/Area   Director to achieve fair resolutions

As a coach, what supervisory planning am I responsible for?

Each coach needs to create a supervisory plan that includes assignments for assistant coaches and chaperones.

Some of the important responsibilities of a coach include:

  • Ensuring appropriate venues
  • Understanding athletes’ specific and unique health issues such as medications, illnesses, sensitivities or intolerances (always have a medical on hand for every athlete)
  • Coordinating transportation to and from training and or competition
  • Securing an on-site clothing change area that separates men and women
  • Monitoring the physical and emotional condition of athletes
  • Monitoring weather conditions that may affect athlete training, competition and travel to and from events
  • Understanding Special Olympics and international governing bodies sport-specific rules

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