Commercial Messages

On Athlete Uniforms and Competition Numbers:

  • In order to avoid commercial exploitation of persons with intellectual disabilities, no uniforms, and bibs or other signs bearing competition numbers, which are worn by Special Olympics athletes during any competition or during any other opening or closing ceremonies of any Games may be emblazoned with commercial names or commercial messages.
  • The only commercial markings which may be displayed on athletes’ uniforms during Games competitions and ceremonies are the normal commercial markings of the manufacturer.
    • More information on “normal commercial markings” can be found in Section G of the SIG

On Other Athlete Apparel or Accessories:

  • Special Olympics athletes who are not engaged in competition or in opening/closing ceremonies may wear, carry or use at Games venues other than the sites of competition (such as at training/practice sessions) clothing and/or non-apparel items which are not a part of their sports equipment (such as tote bags), which contain small and attractively designed identifications of corporate or organizational sponsors.

For more information on Commercial Messages,visit Section G.

Other Policies

Animals/Pet Policy

  • Only certified service animals are allowed at SOTX practices or competitions for safety reasons. Law enforcement will be called if an animal is left in a vehicle during what is considered hazardous or dangerous environmental conditions.

Probation/ Suspension of a Delegation or Delegation Personnel

  • Action may be taken by an Area Sports Management Team (ASMT) to either put on probation or suspend a delegation personnel.
  • More information on actions warranting probation/suspension can be found on page Section G in the SIG.

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