And now… for the moment you have all been waiting and asking for…

You asked for it….and you’ve got it! So use up your stash again this year (if you have any left) and use as many colors as you want.  Any color is up for use, even vibrant colors such as purple, gold, and your leftover red, white and blue.  

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The other guidelines are similar to years past:

  1. Dimensions are 6” x 60” (approximately) This is important because many of our athletes are over 6 feet tall. The wider scarf looks better on them.
  2. Machine washable and dryable yarns
  3. No Ziploc bags, please
  4. ATTACH a small personal note with yarn to your scarf encouraging and/or congratulating the athlete who receives it. Be sure to put your name only on the back of the scarf. It means so much to the athletes to know who personally made their scarf.
  5. Please include your name and mailing address on a separate piece of paper with your scarves. We collect these because one of our athletes loves to write thank you notes.
  6. If you are sending your scarves by mail, please include a note in the box with the number of scarves inside. This really helps our counters.

You can mail your scarves to:


The deadline for receiving scarves is January 20th, 2021