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Volunteer Oath

I promise to give of the time in my life, so that Special Olympics athletes can have the time of their lives.
I promise to support Special Olympics not just as an expression of charity, but as a form of respect for my fellow human beings.  I promise to spread the word of volunteerism because in giving, I receive so much more in return.   

Volunteering as a Class A Volunteer

(Class A Volunteer applicants are already connected to an SOTX delegation or team)

Opportunities to participate as a Class A Volunteer include: coaching, fundraising, being a Unified Partner, officiating, and more. Special Olympics Texas depends on these volunteers to assist in providing life-changing experiences to the thousands of athletes participating in the program.  SOTX cares deeply about our athletes, families and volunteers and realizes the need to take precautions to ensure their safety. To provide the best experience possible, potential Class A volunteers are required to complete the following steps.

STEP 1: View General Orientation and complete the form at the end of this General Orientation slideshow. There are questions that must be answered at the end of the orientation. 

STEP 2: View the Protective Behaviors page and submit your responses. This training is offered by Special Olympics Inc. and will require a login. Note: This training is only required of Class A Volunteers aged 18 and over.

STEP 3: As long as you have successfully completed the General Orientation and Protective Behaviors (steps 1 and 2 above), you will receive an email with a link to complete the background check with final instructions.  In order to devote more of our resources to providing a quality program for the athletes, we ask that our volunteers cover the cost involved in their background check.  

*Active duty and civilian employees of the military, and those employed by public safety sectors (police, fire fighters, EMS, etc.), are NOT required to complete a criminal background check for SOTX.

Renewal: If you are renewing your volunteer background check, please click on the link below based on your primary role with the organization (Volunteer pays all fees).


ISD EMPLOYEE - Good Deed code: xab7tq8

VOLUNTEER/COACH - Good Deed Code: suhjkv1

UNIFIED PARTNER - Good Deed Code: xab80vl

STEP 4: Concussion in Sports Training 

The health and safety of Special Olympics Athletes is everyone’s responsibility. We recommend all coaches, chaperones and volunteers complete the Concussion in Sports Training. If you plan on becoming a Certified Coach for SOTX, the additional step of completing the Concussion in Sports training is required.

Complete the concussion training.

Minor Volunteers/Unified Sports Partner

To participate as a Unified PartnerⓇ, please complete all the steps to be a Class A Volunteer above, including General Orientation, Protective Behaviors, and the Criminal Background check. Class A Volunteers and Unified Partners under the age of 18 will need to download and submit the Minor Volunteer Form. 

Download a PDF version for Minor Volunteers

Learn more about the Unified Sports program.

For More Information

Sterling Volunteers is the official volunteer vendor for Special Olympics Texas.