Section N:

Registration and Entry Fee Policy

Special Olympics Texas provides local, area and regional competitions at no cost to teams. However, according to Special Olympics policy, Special Olympics teams may be assessed for part or all of the on-site costs for events. Special Olympics Texas assesses each team in the form of a per person entry fee if they participate in the Chapter competitions, to partially offset the costs associated with these events. All athletes and Unified Sports® partners must pay a $30 registration fee to participate in the Chapter competitions. In these instances, it is the responsibility of the local team, under the leadership of the head of delegation, to ensure that sufficient funds are available to support the needs of the team by having funds budgeted as a part of a sponsoring agency or school budget, or through fund raising events and solicitation in the community directed at the general public, civic organizations, agencies and local businesses. While it is acceptable to involve parents and guardians in fund raising events and activities, they should not be asked to directly provide any fee unless they offer to do so freely and willingly.

If full payment is not included with the entry forms, one of the following steps must be taken:

  • A Scratches Deadline has been established for each Chapter Games. Scratches of Athletes and/or Unified Partners will incur a $15.00 administration fee per participant that scratches if submitted after the Scratches Deadline. Scratches Deadlines can be found on each Chapter Games Entries Processing Schedule. The Entries Processing Schedule is listed at on each Chapter Games competition page. Scratches must be submitted by the scratch deadline to the Director of Games Management in order to avoid the administration fee.
  • Public or private schools, state institutions or other agencies whose accounting procedures require the use of an invoice must contact the SOTX Director of Accounts.
  • Full payment of program service fees must be received during games registration onsite at chapter games, or arrangements with the SOTX Finance Department must be made.

Special Olympics Texas will consider each request for payment extension individually.

According to Special Olympics policy, it is the responsibility of the chapter and area levels of Special Olympics to assist teams in raising funds to meet such assessments. Technical assistance and ideas are available from any member of the development staff.

Please contact your program/area director first for additional information and assistance. Most of your needs will be quickly addressed by the program/area director. This includes deadlines for chapter games entries.

The area and chapter levels of Special Olympics Texas will attempt to keep costs to a minimum and to successfully implement chapter fund raising projects that will provide increased services at lower costs. Also, the area and chapter levels of Special Olympics Texas will attempt to assist and advise you so that you will be able to meet your local organization (team) needs. However, please keep in mind that a major responsibility of a head of delegation is to develop and implement a budget and financial plan for the local organization (team).


Torch Run scholarships are available to help off-set the cost of attending chapter games.

High Participation Sports and Events

  • Bowling
  • Basketball
  • Athletics
    • 50m Run
    • 100m Run
    • Softball Throw
    • Running Long Jump
    • Standing Long Jump
    • Mini-javelin

Low Participation Sports

  • Any sport not listed above
  • Athletics
    • Any Race 200m or longer
    • Pentathlon
    • High Jump

Chapter Games Entry Process


The head coach/head of delegation for each team/individual is responsible for submitting entry forms which meet the following criteria:

  • Use new entry forms from the SOTX website.
  • All forms correctly and completely filled out and legible.
  • Three copies of the entry forms must be used for all chapter events. Use the athlete entryforms found on the website and have a date at the bottom. Please make sure your forms are dated 2014 or later. A chapter-generated form will be mailed out a minimumof three weeks prior to the chapter entry deadline to the HoD of every delegation thatattended last year's event.
    If your delegation did not attend a specific chapter games last year, but plans to attend this year, contact the Director of Volunteer Services ( to get your chapter-generated Delegation Entry Form. The most current Delegation Personnel Entry Form has the season noted at top of page: 2018 Winter, 2018 Spring/Summer or 2018 Fall.
  • For entries at any level, Unified Partners (regardless of age) must be included on the Delegation Personnel Form and Athlete Entry Form.
  • All entry forms should be submitted to the area office on or before the area offices established deadline. Entries submitted directly to the chapter office will not be accepted. Forms will be accepted after the deadline date if they bear an official U.S. postmark dated seven days prior to the deadline. If the head coach is experiencing difficulties in meeting the deadline, he or she is encouraged to call their area office and speak to the area director for assistance. No delegation may enter after the posted chapter entry deadline.
  • No athlete will be added to a delegation that were not listed on the original entries submitted. Check the data entry schedule posted on the website for that date.

Appropriate chapter office personnel may make the following adjustments when processing the forms:

  • Whenever an entry score is not indicated on an entry form, the participant may be placed in the highest ability division for his or her age and gender divisions.
  • Whenever more than the allowed number of events are entered, the participant may be placed in the first event(s) indicated up to the maximum allowable.
  • If all criteria for the chapter games entry has been met, the head of delegation will be notified via email when corrections reports are available for review online. The head of delegation should thoroughly review the information for accuracy and fax or email corrections to the chapter office by the corrections deadline. Even if no corrections are needed, indication of the review of the corrections reports is appreciated. If a processing error is made by the chapter office it will be corrected, if the chapter office is contacted within established timelines.

An official notice of nonacceptance will be sent to those coaches who:

  • Did not meet the deadline date.
  • Did not correctly complete the appropriate entry form(s).

It is the responsibility of the head coach/head of delegation to ensure that all concerned parties – athletes, parents, coaches, supervisors, volunteers, etc. – are notified immediately if an individual or team has been declared ineligible for competition.

Program/area director, meet directors or any other members of Special Olympics Texas, other than chapter office personnel, are not authorized to declare individuals or teams eligible for chapter competition. Program/area director and meet directors may assist coaches and volunteers in completing entry forms and checking the forms for completeness and accuracy.

Athlete to Volunteer Ratio

The official ratio for Special Olympics Texas is four athletes to one adult, and for the purpose of supervision all minor Unified Sports® partners (17 years old or younger) are included in the athlete side of the count. For overnight trips, the SOTX ratio of four athletes to one adult is required by gender as well, and any minor Unified Sports® partners need to be counted with the athletes. For example, if a delegation has six male athletes, three male minor Unified Sports® partners, and five female athletes, five chaperones are needed – three male chaperones and two female chaperones. Please contact your area office with questions about the ratio requirement.

Delegation Ratio At-A-Glance

Remember to calculate along gender lines for all overnight trips.

Athletes Personnel Athletes Personnel Athletes Personnel Athletes Personnel
0 - 4 1 61 - 64 16 121 - 124 31 181 - 184 46
5 - 8 2 65 - 68 17 125 - 128 32 185 - 188 47
9 - 12 3 69 - 72 18 129 - 132 33 189 - 192 48
13 - 16 4 73 - 76 19 133 - 136 34 192 - 196 49
17 - 20 5 77 - 80 20 137 - 140 35 197 - 200 50
21 - 24 6 81 - 84 21 141 - 144 36 201 - 204 51
25 - 28 7 85 - 88 22 145 - 148 37 205 - 208 52
29 - 32 8 89 - 92 23 149 - 152 38 209 - 212 53
33 - 36 9 93 - 96 24 153 - 156 39 213 - 216 54
27 - 40 10 97 - 100 25 157 - 160 40 217 - 220 55
41 - 44 11 101 - 104 26 161 - 164 41 221 - 224 56
45 - 48 12 105 - 108 27 165 - 168 42 225 - 228 57
49 - 52 13 109 - 112 28 169 - 172 43 229 - 232 58
53 - 56 14 113 - 116 29 173 - 176 44 233 - 236 59
57 - 60 15 117 - 120 30 177 - 180 45 239 - 240 60

Athletes = SO Athletes and Minor Unified Partners

Personnel = All Adult Coaches, Chaperones, Bus Drivers, plus any Adult Unified Partners acting as Chaperones

Last-Minute Volunteer Substitutions

SOTX understands that situations come up that necessitate the use of substitute chaperones at events, which is why we really encourage you to have every person who might help out with your delegation at any point to go through the full registration process to become a registered volunteer by completing the four registration steps: submit a completed Class A Volunteer Application, attend General Orientation and Protective Behaviors, and pass a criminal background check.

In case of last minute delegation volunteer substitutions during event registration, the head of delegation must accompany the substitution volunteer to the volunteer table to verify their Class A Volunteer status with the Director of Volunteers. Please note that any substitute who has not completed all four steps of registration must be teamed up with a registered Class A volunteer until he/she receives confirmation that their volunteer status is complete.

Any discovery by SOTX that the HoD had people acting as delegation volunteers without being completely registered will have serious consequences to that HoD, as well as to the delegation itself. Consequences could range from the delegation being prohibited from competing in the next event, to the loss of HoD’s certifications.

Dispensing of Medication

The Permission to Give Medication Form and Medication Log was developed for delegations to use who do not currently have a medication dispensing policy in place. It is NOT required that each delegation use these forms. Please note that prescription medication cannot be administered by volunteer medical personnel at area or chapter competitions.

Event Codes

Aquatics (Swimming)

25M KickBoard AQ25MK
15M Assisted Swim AQ15AS
25 M Assisted Swim AQ25AS
10mSwim AQ10AS
15m Walk AQ15WK
15m Unassisted Swim AQ15US
15m Flotation Race AQ15FL
25m Flotation Race AQ25FL
25m Freestyle AQ25MF
50m Freestyle AQ50MF
100m Freestyle AQ100MF
200m Freestyle AQ200MF
400m Freestyle AQ400MF
4x25m Freestyle Relay AQ4X25MF
4x50m Freestyle Relay AQ4X50MF
25m Backstroke AQ25BK
50m Backstroke AQ50BK
100m Backstroke AQ100BK
200m Backstroke AQ200BK
25m Breaststroke AQ25BS
50m Breaststroke AQ50BS
100m Breaststroke AQ100BS
25m Butterfly AQ25BF
50m Butterfly AQ50BF
100m Butterfly AQ100BF
100m Individual Medley AQ100IM
4x25m Medley Relay AQ4X25MR
4x50m Medley Relay AQ4X50MR
1m Springboard Dive (Level 1, 2, 3) AQ1MSD
4x25m Medley Unified Sports® Relay AQ4X25UR
4x50m Medley Unified Sports® Relay AQ4X50UR
4x25m Unified Sports® Relay AQ4X25UF
4x50m Freestyle Unified Sports® Relay AQ4X50UF

Athletics – Track Events

10m Assisted Walk AT10AW
25m Assisted Race AT25AR
50m Assisted Race AT50AR
25m Walk AT25MW
50m Walk AT050W
50m Dash AT050M
100m Dash AT100M
200m Dash AT200M
400m Run AT400M
800m Run AT800M
1500m Run AT1500M
1500m Walk AT1500W
3000m Run AT3000M
4x100m Relay AT4X100M
4x200M Relay AT4X200M
4x200M Unified Relay AT4X200U
4x400m Relay AT4X400M
100m Walk AT100W
400m Race Walk AT400W
10m Wheelchair Race AT10WH
25m Wheelchair Race AT25WH
100m Wheelchair Race AT100WH
30m Wheelchair Slalom AT30WS
50m Motorized Wheelchair Slalom AT50MS
4x25m Wheelchair Shuttle Relay AT1WSR
25m Motorized Wheelchair Obstacle Course ATWHOB
Unified Sports® 4x100m Relay AT4X100U
Unified Sports® 4x400m Relay AT4X400U

Athletics – Field Events

Tennis Ball Throw ATTBTD
High Jump ATHIJP
Pentathlon ATPENT
Running Long Jump ATLNJP
At Wheelchair Shot Put Men - 2 kg ATWSP1M
At Wheelchair Shot Put Women - 2 kg ATSP1W
Shot Put - Men (8 - 11) 3kg ATSP2M
Shot Put - Men 4kg ATSP4M
Shot Put - Women (8-11) 2kg ATSP1W
Shot Put - Women 3kg ATSP2W
Softball Throw ATSOBT
Standing Long Jump ATSTLJ
Mini-Javelin (formerly TurboJav) - Men (8-15) & Women 300g ATWJA3
Mini-Javelin (formerly TurboJav) - Men (16+) 400g ATMJA4
Unified Sports® Pentathlon ATUNPT


BB Individual Skills 8-foot Goal BBINSC8
BB Individual Skills 10-foot Goal BBINSC
BB Team Competition BBTEAM
BB Team Skills 8-foot Goal BBTMSK8
BB Team Skills 10-foot Goal BBTMSK
BB Unified Sports® Team BBTEAMU
BB Half-Court 3-on-3, 8-foot Goal BBHALF8
BB Half-Court 3-on-3, 10-foot Goal BBHALF
BB Speed Dribble BBSPDR


BC Unified Sports® Doubles BCDBLEU
BC Unified Sports® Team BCTEAMU
BC Ramp (Half-Court) Singles BCRAMP
BC Half-Court Singles BCHALF
BC Half-Court Doubles BCHALFD
BC Unified Sports (Half-Court) Doubles BCHALFU


BO Frame Bowl BOFRAM
BO Mixed Doubles BOMXDB
BO Unassisted Ramp Bowling BOSINR
BO Assisted Ramp Bowling BOSASR
BO Unified Sports® Team BOTEAMU
BO Unified Sports® Doubles BODBLEU


1km Time Trial CY1KTT
1km Modified Bicycle Time Trial CY1KMT
5km Modified Bicycle Time Trial CY5KMT
5km Time Trial CY5KTT
10km Road Race CY10KRR
10km Time Trial CY10KTT
25km Road Race CY25KRR
500m Bicycle Modified Time Trial CY5CMT
500m Bicycle Time Trial CY500MTT
15km Road Race CY15KRR
5km Unified Sports® Time Trial CY5KTTU
10km Unified Sports® Time Trial CY10KTTU

(Make sure to list the level on your entry form.)

Dressage (C-I, B-I, B-IP, A, AP) EQDRES
  • (C-I, B-I, C-S, B-S, B-SP, C-SP, B-IP, AP, A)
Prix Caprilli (A, AP) EQPRCA
Team Relay
  • (C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP)
  • Unified Sports®
English Equitation (C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP, B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQENEQ
Western Equitation(C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP, B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQWEEQ
Pole Bending (B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQPOBD
Barrel Racing (B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQBARC
Western Riding (C-I, B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQWERI
Figure 8 Stake Race (B-I, B-IP, AP, A) EQSTRC
Working Trails (C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP, B-I, B-IP, AP, A EQWOTR
Drill Team 2
  • (C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP, B-I, B-IP, AP, A)
  • Unified Sports®
Drill Team 4
  • (C-SP, C-S, C-I, B-S, B-SP, B-I, B-IP, AP, A)
  • Unified Sports®

Figure Skating

FS Ice Dancing (Level 1, 2, 3) FSDANC
FS Pair Skating (Level 1, 2) FSPAIR
FS Singles Competition (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) FSSING
FS Individual Skills (1-11) FSSKIL
FS Badge Skills (1-12) FSBDGE
FS Unified Ice Dancing (Level 1, 2, 3) FSDANCU
FS Unified Pair Skating (Level 1, 2) FSPAIRU

Flag Football

FF Individual Skills FFINSC
FF Traditional Team FFTEAM
FF Unified Sports® Team FFTMUN

Gymnastics – Artistic

Vault (Level A) GYAVAU
Wide Beam Walk (Level A, B) GYAWBM
Tumbling (Level A, B) GYATUM
Floor Exercise (Level A, B) GYAFLX
Single Bar (Level A) GYABAR
All-Round (Level A, B GYAALL
Men’s Floor Exercise (Level A, 1, 2, 3) GYMFLX
Men’s Horizontal Bar (Level 1, 2, 3) GYMHBR
Men’s Parallel (Level 1, 2, 3) GYMPAR
Men’s Pommel Horse (Level 1, 2, 3) GYMPOH
Men’s Rings (Level 1, 2, 3) GYMRNG
Men’s Vaulting (Level A, 1, 2, 3) GYMVAU
Men’s All-Round (Level A, 1, 2, 3) GYMALL
Women’s Balance Beam (Level 1, 2, 3) GYWBBM
Women’s Floor Exercise (Level A, 1, 2, 3) GYWFLX
Women’s Uneven Bars (Level 1, 2, 3 GYWUNB
Women’s Vaulting (Level 1, 2, 3) GYWVAU
Women’s All-Round (Level A, 1, 2, 3 GYWALL

Gymnastics – Rhythmic

Group Routine Ball GYRBALG
Group Routine Hoop GYGHOP
Group Routine Ribbon GYGRIB
All-Round (Level A, B) GYRALLA
All-Round (Level 1, 2, 3) GYRALL
Rhythmic Floor GYRFLX
Ball (Level A, B) GYRBALA
Ball (Level 1, 2, 3) GYRBAL
Hoop (Level A, B) GYRHOOA
Hoop (Level 1, 2, 3) GYRHOO
Rope (Level A, B) GYRROPA
Rope (Level 1) GYRROP
Ribbon (Level A, B) GYRRIBA
Ribbon (Level 1, 2, 3) GYRRIB


GF Individual Skills (Level 1) GFINSC
GF Alternate Shot Team Play (Level 2) GFASTM
GF Unified Sports® Team Play (Level 3) GFTEAMU
GF Individual Stroke Play 9-Holes (Level 4) GFSING9
GF Individual Stroke Play 18-Holes (Level 5) GFSING18


KY Singles Tourist 200m KAT200M
KY Singles Tourist 500m KAT500M
KY Doubles Tourist 200m KADT200M
KY Doubles Tourist 500m KADT500M
KY Unified Doubles Tourist 200m) KAT200MU
KY Unified Doubles Tourist 500m KAT500MU


Bench Press PLBHPR
Bench Press (Females) PLBHPRF
Combination 2 (Bench, Deadlift) PLCOMB2
Combination 2 (Bench, Deadlift - Females) PLCOMB2F
Combination 3 (Bench, Deadlift, Squat) PLCOMB3
Comb. 3 (Bench, DL, Squat - Females) PLCOMB3F
Deadlift PLDEAD
Deadlift (Females) PLDEADF
Squat (Females) PLSQATF
Unified Sports® Bench PLUNBR
Unified Sports® Deadlift PLUNDL
Unified Sports® Squat PLUNSQ
Unified Sports® Combination (Bench, Deadlift) PLUNC2
Unified Sports® Combination (Bench, Deadlift, Squat) PLUNC3

Roller Skating

30m Carpet Race RS30CR
30m Slalom Race RS30SL
30m Straight Line Race RS30SR
100m Race the Track RS100M
300m Race the Track RS300M
500m Race the Track RS500M
1000m Race the Track RS1000M
200m Two-Person Relay Race RS2X100M
400m Four-Person Relay Race RS4X100M
RS Freestyle Singles (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) RSFREE
RS Unified Sports® Freestyle RSUNFR
RS Unified Sports® Relay RSUNRE


SA Unified Sports® (Level I, 2) SAMONHU
SA Unified Sports® (Level 3, 4, 5) SAMONH


Five-A-Side Soccer FBFIVE
SC Individual Skills FBINSC
Unified Sports® 5-a-Side Soccer FBFIVEU
SC 11-a-Side Team FBTEAM
SC Unified Sports® 11-a-Side Team FBTEAMU


Base Race SBBASE
Bat For Distance SBBATD
SB Individual Skills SBINSC
Slow-Pitch Team Competition SBTEAM
Co-Ed Slow Pitch Team Competition SBCOED
T-Ball Competition SBTEEB
SB Unified Sports® Team SBTEAMU
Coach Pitch SBCHPH

Speed Skating

SP 50m race SS050M
SP 100m race SS100M

Table Tennis

TT Individual Skills 2 TTINSC
TT Mixed Doubles TTMXDB
TT Wheelchair Competition TTWHCH
TT Unified Sports® Doubles TTDBEU


TN Individual Skills (Level 1 Red) TNINSC
TN Singles (Level 2 Red, Level 3 Orange, Level 4 Green, Level 5 Yellow) TNSING
TN Doubles (Level 2 Red, Level 3 Orange, Level 4 Green, Level 5 Yellow) TNDBLE
TN Unified Sports® Doubles (Level 2 Red, Level 3 Orange, Level 4 Green, Level 5 Yellow) TNDBLEU


TR Individual (Level 2) TRIIND
TR Relay (Level 2) TRIREL
TR Unified Sports® Relay (Level 2) TRIUNR


VB Individual Skills 1 VBINSC
VB Individual Skills 2 VBINS2
VB Team Competition VBTEAM
VB Unified Sports® Team VBTEAMU

Competition Registration Checklist

  1. ____ Athlete Enrollment/Medical Release Form
    • Complete athlete name
    • Check age
    • Check date of birth
    • Day and evening phone numbers
    • Head of delegation name
    • Delegation code
    • Parent/guardian name
    • Parent/guardian address
    • Parent/guardian phone numbers
    • Emergency contact
    • Completed medical history portion
      Physician signature required on back:
      If "yes" on 1-4 and 22
      If "new problem" on 5-9
    • Current prescription
    • Signature and date
      Parent/guardian/athlete signature: required for participation
      May be in lieu of physician if none of the above criteria are met
  2. _____ Copy Athlete Enrollment/Medical Release Forms and submit with entries.
  3. _____ Complete Team Evaluation Questionnaire for team sports.
  4. _____ Complete sport specific forms, if necessary. (Equestrian Liability Team Rosters Release, Negative Coggins, Aquatics Liability Release, Tennis Rating Form, etc.).
  5. _____ Complete athlete entry forms.
    • Delegation name
    • Delegation ID
    • Head coach name
    • Head coach contact numbers
    • Sport
    • Unified Sports® – Identify with "X" Unified Sports® partners only, not traditional athletes
    • Number of athletes
    • Number of teams
    • NO SSN or ID Number required on Athlete Entry Forms
    • Athlete name
    • Athlete gender
    • Athlete date of birth
    • Event code
    • TEAM ID: Link all teams, partners and relays with a Team ID (e.g., 01, 02)
    • Time/height/distance/weight
    • Total
  6. ____ Complete the chapter-generated Delegation Personnel Entry Form that you received from the Director of Volunteer Services.
    • Registration Process
    • A chapter-generated form will be mailed out a minimum of three weeks prior to the chapter Games entry deadline to the HoD of every delegation that attended last year's event. If your delegation did not attend a specific chapter Games last year, but plans to attend this year, contact the Director of Volunteer Services ( to get your chapter-generated Delegation Entry Form.
      1. HoD will use the latest chapter-generated Delegation Personnel Entry Form for his/her specific delegation detailing who is currently eligible to attend as a delegation volunteer.
      2. HoD will complete as usual the following areas on the Delegation Personnel Entry Form: a) the delegation summary tables and b) the delegation information table.
      3. HoD will indicate every person who is attending an event by marking their official role code in the box to the left of the person's name - refer to the list in this section for complete list of official role codes.
    • Make sure that all information is provided as needed.
    • Make sure to list your delegation personnel by legal names rather than nicknames. For example, the chapter database would have John Woods, not Bubba Woods.
  7. ____ Count up the five following groups by gender: SO athletes, minor Unified partners, adult Unified partners (not chaperoning), adult Unified partners (also chaperoning), and all remaining adult personnel. See grid below for details.

Delegation Entry Form Instructions

Entries for chapter-level competitions must be on the latest chapter-generated Delegation Personnel Entry Form. The most current Delegation Personnel Entry Form has the season noted at the top of the page: 2018 Winter, 2018 Spring/Summer, or 2018 Fall.

For area-level competitions, please continue to use the blank Delegation Entry Form.

Make sure delegation information is filled in correctly. All reports will be mailed from that data.

Delegation Name (e.g., Kingsville)
Delegation ID (e.g., KIN-02,02 is your area)
Head of delegation (e.g., Sue Jones)
Address (e.g., 111 Block Dr.)
City, State, ZIP (e.g., Austin, TX 78753)
Day, night, cell phone numbers (e.g., 512.586.9542 day/512.222.5856 night)
Head of delegation email (e.g.,

For entry at any level, unified partners (regardless of age) must be included on the Delegation Personnel Form and the Athlete Entry Form.

Personnel Information

Personnel consists of the head of delegation, coaches, assistant coaches, chaperones and bus drivers. The roster of eligible delegation volunteers is listed by gender and last name; so, first, all eligible females are alphabetized by last name, then all the eligible males are alphabetized by last name.

The only field you have to fill in is:
Role Code ......................................................... (e.g., BCHC)

The following information is already listed on the Delegation Personnel Entry Form for you:
Last name ......................................................... (e.g., Jones)
First name ........................................................ (e.g., Susan)
Nickname .......................................................... (e.g., Sue)
Gender ............................................................ (e.g., female or male)
Age ............................................................... (e.g., 27)
Class A Expiration Date ........................................... (e.g., 11/12/2013 or 2/1/2013*)
* - An asterisk next to a person's Class A Expiration Date means his/her Class A Volunteer Form expires within six months. After that expiration date, he/she will be ineligible to be a Class A volunteer until a new Class A Volunteer Form is submitted to SOTX and processed by SOTX.
Coach Certifications ............................................. (e.g., AQ only current season certifications are listed)

The codes are below. If the head of delegation is also the head coach, list both the head of delegation code AND the head coach code.

Please list all personnel information on one page unless you have more than 10. If you have more than 10, use an additional delegation form.

Delegation Summary

All coaches will fill this area out.

Official Role Codes

Aquatics Head Coach AQHC
Athletics Head Coach ATHC
Basketball Head Coach BBHC
Bocce Head Coach BCHC
Bowling Head Coach BOHC
Bus Driver BSDR
Chaperone CHPN
Coaching Staff COST
Cycling Head Coach CYHC
Equestrian Head Coach EQHC
Figure Skating Head Coach FSHC
Flag Football Head Coach FFHC
Gymnastics Head Coach GYHC
Golf Head Coach GFHC

Athlete Entry Form Instructions

Please use one Athlete Entry Form per sport, but put all totals on page 1 of 2.

You can now combine individual events with relay events together on one page; however, it must be the same sport.

Reminder: all relay times must be entered with team total scores on ALL athletes.

Delegation name (e.g., Kingsville)
Delegation ID (e.g., KIN-02)
Head coach name (e.g., Sue Jones)
Head coach day and night phone (e.g., 512.586.9542 day / 512.222.5856 night)
Head coach Address, City, State, zip (e.g., 34 Sue Street, Austin, TX 78758)
Unified Sports® partner (e.g., Place a check if athlete is Unified)
No SSN or ID number required
Athlete’s last name (e.g., Smith)
Athlete’s first name (e.g., Joe)
Sex (e.g., M/F)
Date of birth (e.g., 09/11/74) Month / Day / Year
Event code (e.g., AT100M) see codes on pages N-4 to N-7
Time (e.g., 00:19:19) - minutes: seconds: tenths
Height/distance (e.g., 15m, 95cm) measured in meters and centimeters
Points (e.g., 1,408) The following sports require points:
(e.g., bowling, pentathlon and powerlifting)
Team ID List all teams, partners, and relays using a team ID
Event Level List the athlete skill level if other than 1
Relay Position List the order in which the relay athletes will compete

Local competition or two scrimmages must be listed on the Athlete Entry Form to advance to area competitions (not Chapter competition).