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What is Healthy Leap?

Healthy LEAP (Lifestyle, Education, and Practice) is a series of health, nutrition, fitness, and safety
lessons and practical applications created specifically for youth with and without intellectual disabilities. The curriculum includes topics dedicated to educating and encouraging athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) to maintain a healthy lifestyle through increased physical activity, improved nutrition, and overall emotional and social health.

Healthy LEAP lessons are delivered by coaches/teachers over the course of eight weeks. Each coach/teacher is given a manual with the complete health lessons, and every participant will receive their own student kit to support them during the program. Participants will learn about food groups, maintaining a healthy weight and obesity, behavior and stress management, bone health, sports nutrition and hydration, exercise and injury prevention, sun safety, and preventions of tobacco and alcohol use.

HEALTHY LEAP registration can be found by clicking here.

Our 2023 HEALTHY LEAP calendar can be found by clicking here.  

Benefits of the program

  • Positive health changes in participating students
  • Students gain an increased awareness of health and wellness topics
  • Promotes inclusion by engaging athletes of all ages and abilities

Healthy LEAP is made possible thanks to support received from the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

If you are interested in being a part of Healthy LEAP, please contact Healthy@sotx.org