HBA SOTX Volunteers 2017-18

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In 1989, HBA President Eugene Cook was involved on Board of Directors with Special Olympics of Texas. Justice Cook was a frequent volunteer and believed that, although many HBA members also volunteered as individuals, there should be a standing HBA committee that would organize and encourage the efforts of HBA members and their families. Cook, who later became a justice on the Supreme Court of Texas, set up the HBA Special Olympics Committee and made it one of the focus areas of his HBA presidency.

Since 1989, the HBA Special Olympics Committee has provided volunteers the Greater Houston Area Special Olympics Competition Events. Each athletic event is staffed by several groups of volunteers from several different organizations. HBA committee members typically recruit volunteers from among their colleagues, firm support staff, friends and often bring their entire families to volunteer at events. If you would like to get involved, Register Now to Volunteer as part of the Houston Bar Association or you may contact the Chairs of this Committee at: Meg Banahan - mbanahan@dorelawgroup.net or Brandon Renken - brenken@lockelord.com