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Family Support Network

The Family Support Network provides resources, opportunities and support to keep you and your athlete healthy, well-cared for and safe.

Families are a fundamental component to the Special Olympics Texas program. Family involvement is important because:

  • Family members care about their athlete and are proud of them when they participate.
  • We need input on how things should be done and families often have good ideas.
  • Many times it is the family that encourages and assists the athlete in being able to participate.
  • Family members are often our most dedicated coaches and volunteers - they get things done!
  • Families see first hand what involvement in Special Olympics Texas can do to benefit their athlete; they believe in the mission.

Family Handbook

Get all the information you need from the Families Information Guide.

Transition Planning Brochure - Making the transition from a school-based to an adult Special Olympics Texas Team. For specific area information contact your Area Director.

Young Athletes Information Sheet - Information on Young Athletes between 2 and 7 years old.

Looking for a group home for your loved one? Here are some excellent questions to ask when looking at potential placements.

Realizing the Bright Future of Your Child with an Intellectual Disability: A Guide for New Parents

Services and Programs for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Texas

Dealing with Abuse Against Children With Disabilities

We need your input!

Special Olympics Texas plans to develop a Resource Center for families and caregivers of athletes at the chapter office. We want to know what is important to you and your Special Olympics Texas athlete.

To receive SOTX information, please fill out the Family Registration Form.

State Family Support Network

  • Host a reception area at all state games.
  • Provide Educational tracks for families at the annual conference.
  • Represent family issues on the Board of Directors and Committees.
  • Try to provide information and resources to families throughout Texas.
  • Encourage growth of family involvement at the area level

If you want to get involved at the area level, contact your Area Director.

Financial Resources

Financial resources for individuals with intellectual disabilities are insufficient to meet the increasing demand. The earlier the financial application process is begun, the sooner a family member may be entered into the system to access resources. It is the Family Support Network’s intent to provide parents, guardians and caregivers with sound information on financial resources so they can make informed choices early on in the athletes’ lives.

Legal Resources

Legal resources for individuals with intellectual disabilities are extremely important in planning and decision-making for the future. There are many legal issues to consider as the athlete approaches 18 years of age and older. Legally, part of the decision making process is to determine guardianship of an individual who is deemed to be legally incapable of caring for themselves. Additionally, the family is required by law to be included in the educational and medical decisions for an adult with intellectual disabilities.

Transition Resources

This focus area provides information to the parent, guardian or care giver on a student moving through the educational system from elementary to middle school, from middle school to high school and from high school to the adult world. It provides information on each of these transitional phases in a student’s life and into adulthood. For Special Olympics Texas purposes, this resource also informs family members on how to keep an athlete in Special Olympics by joining an area team once leaving the school system at age 22.