How far does each person need to walk every week if a team is to make it the 830 miles across Texas?

For teams of 8, each person needs to average about 13 miles per week. Some people walk more and others less. Gradually work to increase your mileage to avoid injury.

Do I have to walk or can I do other types of physical activity?

You can do just about any type of physical activity or exercise and compete in Walk Across Texas!

Click here to use our convenient mileage equivalent calculator and estimate how far you have walked.

You can also watch this how to video. It demonstrates how to use the calculator to convert activities into miles walked.

I want to walk by myself. Is that OK?

Yes, you can walk by yourself, but we highly encourage you to be a part of a team.

Results have shown that participants that are a part of a team are more likely to form a regular habit of exercise.

Team members help to motivate and encourage you to Walk Across Texas!

How can we see our team's progress?

Members pool their mileage each week to help their team move across virtual road map. Click on the View Progress section of this Walk Across Texas website.

Who's in charge around here? Who runs this program?

Walk Across Texas! is an educational program of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. The program has partnered with Special Olympics Texas to help improve the heathly well-being of Texans and to support children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Leadership for this program is provided by  Alice Kirk, Child Health Specialist - Family Development and Resource Management.

For more information, please contact us or watch our online Video Brochure.

I registered as a Solo Walker but have decided to join a team. What should I do?

You will need to log into your Solo Walker account, click on the "MY ACCOUNT" tab, select "Yes" in the Delete this Account row. Should be the second item in the form.

The account will be deleted when you click the SAVE button at the bottom.

Do we all have to walk at the same time?

Team members do not need to walk together unless they want to do so. Treadmills are okay. Other aerobic activities may be converted to miles using our convenient mileage equivalent calculator.

I am a teacher, can you tell me how your program will work for schools?

Increase children’s physical activity level with Walk Across Texas in schools. Your class can walk across Texas together—on a map or here on our website. This is a great way to help children get excited about being more active.

Click here to find out more.