832 Miles! It Can be Done!

Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) and Texas AgriLife Extension Service ( AgriLife) share a common goal of promoting  an active and healthy life style. The goal is to help establish a habit of regular phystical activity during a free 8 week program. 

Agrilife established the Walk Across Texas program in 1996, and since then thousands have participated and walked the span of Texas - 832 miles.

As part of the partnership with Argilife, your team of 8 can help raise money for over 44,000 Special Olympics Texas athletes by pledging a dollar per mile walked. The goal is to have your team walk a total of 832 miles during the 8 week period while raising the same amount in donations for Special Olympics Texas.

Each team member will receive a wristband, drawstring pack and a Walk Across Texas t-shirt once achieving their goal.

Walking is one of the least expensive and easiest ways to get fit and reduce your risk of cancer, diabetess, heart disease and stroke. You can also the excercise calculator to find your equivalent mileage depending on your activity.  You don't have to walk the entire 832 miles. You can bike, swim, dance, bowl, garden or participate in any of the 22 Special Olympics Texas sports.

Form your team now, and get started now!