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Asking for donations is never easy and it can leave even the most outgoing person with trembling knees. Just remember... the #1 reason that people give is because you asked them! People give to people – not causes – and your passion and enthusiasm for going Over the Edge in support of Special Olympics Texas athletes will inspire contributions.

Fundraising Worksheet

Quick Tips

  1. Most Successful Idea:  Email your friends, family and business contacts. Include a link to your personal fundraising web page where they can make a secure donation online.
  2. Make your personal contribution first . . . as it sets the tone for other contributions.
  3. Extra, Extra… Tweet All About It!  Posting on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to share information about your involvement in Over the Edge, and to solicit donations.  Include a link to your personal fundraising page.
  4. Matching Funds:  Ask your employer about matching funds, and encourage your supporters to do the same.
  5. Follow Up:  Always follow up, via phone and/or email.  People will appreciate the reminder.
  6. Send Thank Yous: Always send thank you letters/emails to all donors (and include a picture of your rappel, so they remember you next year).

Promotional Graphics

Make use of our Over the Edge promotional graphics to tell your friends and family about your rappel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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How to Raise $1,200 or More it's not as hard as you think...

Who to Ask   Grand Total
Register and personally contribute $50 or $100. Your contribution sets the tone for others. $100 $100
Send an email to your friends, family and business contacts asking them to help send you Over the Edge with a link to your fundraising web page:
Six generous friends give you $50. $300 $400
12 business contacts give you $25. $300 $700
10 family members give you $20. $200 $900
20 co-workers give you $10. $200 $1,100
Your company/organization/club matches your contribution. $100 $1,200

Sample Donation Request Letter

Dear [Insert Name]:

I am going Over The Edge to raise funds (and my heart rate) to support over 58,000 Special Olympics Texas athletes. I will rappel down (# of stories) at the (location(s)) on (date) and I need your help!  [ Include personal story/involvement if applicable]

My goal is to raise ($ goal amount) or more in the next (# of days) (before I get cold feet).

Help send me Over The Edge by making a contribution to Special Olympics Texas on my behalf.  You can send a check made payable to Special Olympics Texas directly to me. Please be sure to put OTE and my name in the memo line

The easiest way to support my rappel, is to make a secure on-line donation by going to my personal fundraising page at (Insert personal fundraising page link).

This may seem like a challenge of a life-time, but it pales in comparison to the challenges Special Olympics Texas athletes face and overcome each day.

Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement.

Who Do You Know?

Make a list:

Family Members


Child’s Sports Team


Social Clubs




Child’s School


High School/College Alumni