What is Over the Edge?

Over the Edge (OTE) is an unforgettable fundraising venture in which participants raise funds (a minimum of $1,200) in exchange for the once-in-a-lifetime experience to rappel 15–20 stories down a high-rise building.  Each participant receives a pre-assigned time for their rappel so you can invite your friends to cheer you on! The sooner you reach your goal...the sonner your rappel time can be reserved.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely! The event is set up as an industrial work site that meets and exceeds the highest safety standards. Equipment, practices and procedures are approved by Federal and State OSHA, workers compensation, and IRATA governing bodies. This event has been performed in countless marketplaces, rappelling thousands of CEOs and participants.

Who can go Over the Edge?

Thrill seekers who are 18 years or older, weigh 110 – 300 lbs., and raise a minimum of $1,200 prior to the event.

How can my company/agency/organization/school get involved?

Schedule an OTE info meeting - we will explain the event and inspire participation.  Send the boss, police chief, principal or coach Over the Edge by raising funds from employees, members or students.  Become a sponsor and receive exposure and rappel spots. Contact us for more information.

How do I raise $1,200?

$1,200 can be raised by any combination of donations gathered. We've made it easy by providing a fundraising web page for you or your company where friends and family can securely donate to your rappel. Utilize the Fundraising Kit to help you get there. Funds raised will be used to provide year-round sports training and competition for Special Olympics Texas athletes.

Additional Incentives:

  • $2,200+ Dual-City Rappeller - Everything below plus one night stay in the city of your choice
  • $1,800+ Superhero Rappeller - Everything below plus Go Pro video footage
  • $1,500+ Elite Rappeller - Everything below plus commemorative jacket
  • $1,200+ Champion Rappeller - 2 invitations to the V.I.P. Reception (day before the event), OTE commemorative long sleeve T-shirt, duffel bag and photo of your rappel available for download after the event.

What type of donations do you take?

We aim to make things easy. We accept check/money order (made payable to Special Olympics Texas), cash and credit cards.


Become a Sponsor

A sponsorship provides exposure, volunteer opportunities and rappelling spots that offer a unique and unforgettable team-building experience!

Sponsor Over the Edge