Medical for Fall Sports

Medical Entries Due

All medical paperwork for athletes competing in FALL SPORTS will be due Friday, September 18, 2020. 

Athletes without updated medical may not participate in practice nor local competition.
Any athlete who does not have an active medical prior to competition entry deadline, will be scratched from the competition.  No exemptions will be madeThis will include any athlete who’s medical expires prior to competition.

Please email or fax completed paperwork to Eve Vance,
Important Note: Per the SOI General Rules, athletes competing in an area competition, which may include certain local competitions, must have a signed medical before they can begin practicing.
All areas will set medical deadlines that will align with the start of practice for each sport they offer. Medicals must be on file in with the area office prior to the start of training for all athletes planning on competing at an area competition, or at a local competition not under an Independent School District or other agency umbrella.

Medical forms can be found here.