Q:  What is the acceptable marking on a uniform verses the marking that is not acceptable during competition?
A:  Commercial markings does NOT refer to manufacturer labels on clothing. It has more to do with uniforms that read "Bob's Dairy Queen Dragons" or "The Diamond Shamrock Steelers", etc. The intent is that SOTX athletes should not look like Little League players or NASCAR members where sponsor logos are placed on a uniform for advertising. Nike, Adidas, Fila, etc. are acceptable manufacturer labels and are OKAY to have on uniforms.

Q:  Are there samples of completed forms for Games available and are they electronic?
A:  Electronic forms are available for area competitions under the Get Involved as a Coach section of the Web site. Coaches can email forms to area; however, chapter competitions must remain on the 3-part form. Examples are available on the Web SIG under the same section.

Q:  Is there a breakdown of ages for team sports available somewhere?
A:  Yes. See the Sports Information Guide (SIG) under Team Sports.

Q:  What is the ruling on using a junior ball in basketball?
A:  According to the rules for basketball, a smaller basketball (72.4 centimeters in circumference and between 510-567 grams in weight) may be used for women's and junior division competition.

Q:  If I am certified in another state, am I certified for Texas?
A:  You will need to show proof of certification and work directly with the area director and chapter director of program training. Acceptable forms of proof include a certificate or a practicum form copy.

Q:  What do I do if I miss my area conference?
A:  Contact your area director immediately. You must attend an area conference to coach for the next year. They will work with you directly to fulfill the requirements. You can also check the web site calendar to see if you can make a conference in another area. All conferences are completed by the end of February.

Q:  Is a person with a physical disability eligible to participate in Special Olympics?
A:  Yes, if the person also has intellectual disabilities or a closely related disability. See the SIG under Athlete Eligibility for more information.

Q:  Is there a fee for athletes or coaches to participate?
A:  It does not cost anything to participate in Special Olympics Texas at the area level; however, some costs are associated with chapter and world level events. See the SIG under Registration for more information.

Q:  Can males and females play on the same team?
A:  It depends on the sport. Refer to the SIG by sport season for further information.

Q:  When do my practicum hours begin for coaching certification?
A:  Hours for coaching to be included on the sports training application form (practicum) begin AFTER the training school.

Q:  How long do I have to complete my practicum hours for coaching?
A:  You have a year from the date of the training school to complete practicum hours.