The Coaches Certification Program is designed to train volunteers who wish to develop their coaching skills and become certified Special Olympics Texas coaches. 

To become a volunteer coach, each individual will need to do the following: 

​About the Principles of Coaching Course : This updated version of the course still offers five modules covering the topics of Coaching Perspective and Approach, Team Management and Training, Athlete-Centered Coaching, Training through Fitness and Nutrition, and Sports Safety and Risk Management.  It is FREE and available through CoachTube.  

Time to Complete the Principles of Coaching Course is estimated to be 75 to 90 minutes. however, you are able to take a break and return where you left off.   You must view all videos and listen to all narration before advancing to the next slide. Failure to do so will result in a message that some content has been missed, requiring you to go back through the course before receiving a certificate of completion.  The course concludes with a 20 question test that requires you to score 80% or better to pass and receive your completion certificate.

After you complete the above, we will be in touch on next steps! Thank you for volunteering with Special Olympics Texas. 

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