“...but to see them smile and have the best time of their lives through it all, let's all of us know, that it costs nothing to be positive."

June 15, 2022 | Updated: July 26, 2022


Special Olympics Texas wanted to thank and highlight SOTX staff member, Chad Eason for his dedication to SOTX's athletes and mission.

Chad Eason is Special Olympics Texas' Senior Director of Competitions and Games. He has been a part of the SOTX Family for just over 6 years. His journey with Special Olympics began when he developed a lifelong friendship with a next-door neighbor with IDD. This friendship inspired him to accept an internship position with Special Olympics Texas, which ultimately led him to his position today.

Chad's main responsibility includes planning and running statewide competitions for Special Olympics Texas athletes. He also provides opportunities for athletes to compete all across the world in other Special Olympics events, ensures our area and regional competitions are consistent, and plays a major role in developing coaches' trainings, education, and recruitment. Chad's favorite memory while working for SOTX was attending the 2022 USA Games in Orlando. "For the first time, I got to see [the competition] from our coach's eyes and watch our athletes compete as the HOD for Team Texas. With that, I could cheer for all teams representing Texas, and see the excitement, will, and determination from our athletes."

"The USA Games has been my favorite memory and something I'll never forget."

Chad's hope for the future of Special Olympics Texas is that one day we will be able to impact all 485,000+ individuals with intellectual disabilities in the state of Texas in some way. "Like we always say, all it takes is one Special Olympics event and you're hooked, and I just want every athlete to get that chance." Chad continues to impact our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and staff every day. We cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work. SOTX is excited to see the impact Chad will continue to make. From the entire SOTX Family, thank you!