August 02, 2022 | Updated: August 02, 2022


Special Olympics Texas would like the highlight and feature Area 11 Program Director Everett King! 

Area 11 Program Director Everett King has been a Special Olympics Texas staff member for three and a half years and served as a coach for eight years. He is responsible for arranging venues for competitions, communicating and advising HODs, scheduling coaches trainings, assisting UCS Specialists in growing the Unified movement, and acts as a Health Specialist for the North Region. Everett's commitment to serving our athletes in every capacity has tremendously helped shape our organization for the better.

Everett's favorite memory while working for SOTX was when he was nominated for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's “Hometown Hero” and was featured in an article. He had created specialized workout routines and activities for Special Olympics Texas athletes during the pandemic. "I want our athletes to get the best of everything that we can offer; the best facilities, best opportunities to flourish and show their talents to their communities and the world!"

Witnessing the athletes’ smiles and accomplishments is what drives Everett's passion for his work. He hopes our athletes will “have more partnerships with sports organizations and recreational centers, to allow our athletes the same opportunities as athletes without a disability" in the near future. Everett wants to highlight our athlete's abilities outside of sport by engaging with our Athlete Leadership Program (ALPs) and developing these opportunities on a greater scale."I want to ensure that people know that SOTX is not just about sports competitions. It’s about teaching our athletes how to be well-rounded individuals with opportunities such as our Athlete Leadership Program, which teaches them about money management, public speaking, and representing our athletes at fundraising events."

We are so grateful for Everett and his dedication to providing our athletes with the best possible opportunities to succeed both on and off the field. His positivity is infectious and continues to impact every staff member who works alongside him. 

Special Olympics Texas thanks you, Everett. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.