Thank you to our volunteer photographers

May 16, 2019 | Updated: May 17, 2019

We have our Summer Games photos ready!  


We had several different volunteer photographers, please credit them or thank them if you use their photo.  Multiple photographers covered different events (often the same event, so check out all the folders if you are interested).  Instead of grouping by sport or event, we've grouped by the photographer to properly credit them.  

All sports, as well as LETR Final Leg and Opening Ceremonies,  were covered as best as we could. 

These photos may be used by SOTX and Morgan's Wonderland, and they may be used for non-commercial personal use such as posting online or printing.

And for High-Resolution of Beyond Memory | Photography photo set, please see this link:

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Shine the Light: Sergeant Ira Carter, Dallas PD

Sergeant Ira Carter has known for a while that he needed to seek a career path that included service to others. “I always wanted to play sports and protect and serve. I wanted to give back to the community and show the community that there were any African American officers. Even though there’s a stigma about the job, we too can do it and do it well too... I love being able to bring awareness to things people don’t know about. My favorite is being able to help,” he said.

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Shine the Light: Chance Graves, Allen PD

While dealing with people on a daily basis, Chance said he, “tries to see people as people and treat everyone as a person and not their physical appearance …. Treating others the way I would want to be treated. How would I want my wife, father, or sons to be treated? Being upfront and honest takes a lot of the variables out.” Chance said

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Dylan's Story

Coach Allen sets a high bar for Dylan through attainable goals and encouragement and is always there to give him a high five and cheer him on.

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Shine the Light: Michelle Walter, Travis County Constable Precinct 5

“If I could give our athletes encouragement, I’d say, keep training and stay positive. We are going to get through this. Stay at it and stay healthy. We are looking forward to when we can have events again. I know so many athletes now, if I miss someone I’d be in trouble. I miss everyone: athletes, officers, coaches, and staff who help coordinate. I’ve been keeping up with some athletes online, it is good to still be able to interact with them virtually", said Senior Deputy Michelle Walter.

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