April 12, 2017 | Updated: January 29, 2019

Rey is vital to the Houston Area Special Olympics Office. He wears more hats than the average volunteer, and sometimes I’m not sure how while making time for his fulltime job and his family. Rey first got involved with us in 2012 while he was a professor the University of Houston, where he would “implore” his sports management students to volunteer at events for us. He has since moved on from the university but has stayed with Special Olympics.

Rey serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Area 04, where he handles most of the volunteer questions that arise. He sets up all our volunteer pages and maintains them throughout the year. He creates volunteer calendars, which we use daily when groups ask about volunteer opportunities. During events he runs the registration table, assigning volunteer to their positions for that day. Afterward, he runs report for us on volunteer information, which help us gauge volunteer demands for next year. He is what the volunteer coordinator is supposed to be, I’m not sure how our office would function without him.

Additionally, Dr. Trevino is a trainer for the area. His passion and expertise is cycling so we use him whenever we can for cycling. Also, he helps with our cycling competition committee and is a critical day of volunteer. Finally, Rey sits on our area management team where he helps grow and run the Greater Houston program for over 9,800 athletes.

Dr. Trevino is the definition of the word “volunteer,” giving his time so others may have the time of their lives. For this we are so very grateful.