July 25, 2019 | Updated: August 05, 2019

Athlete Spotlights Part Two


Paul Dunn is a joy to be around and is encouraging to all. Being an athlete for over 25 years, Paul is proud to have competed in ten sports. He loves a good jam session and you will absolutely see him on the dance floor at ALL of the state games. Paul is a bright light being his kind and genuine self to everyone competing, volunteering, and coaching. 



Catch Haley dominating on the tennis court with a smile on her face or motivating others to keep on going. She made it all the way to the World Games in Abu Dabi this past summer and dominated in tennis, bringing home the bronze in doubles and singles. Main event and arcade games are Haley’s favorite past time when she’s not practicing and competing, but more than anything, she just loves to help others and spread positivity. Everyone should have a Haley Cates on their team!



Alex Woodhull, or “Thor” as his teammates call him, is fun-loving and a competitive force! He enjoys “being a good teammate” and his favorite sport is golf. His swing is so impressive that his teammates call his putter “Thor’s hammer”, so watch out if you are ever up against him. Alex always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude.



Jared is enthusiastic, caring, and an extremely hard worker. He has been competing for 19 years, and he absolutely loves all sports. Because Jared does not sleep the night before competitions out of sheer excitement, Jared's mom does not tell him he is competing till the day of. From bowling to bocce to track and field- he does it all! When he is not on the field, you may see him at Reebok selling shoes non stop. Special Olympics Texas is lucky to have someone as hardworking and kind as Jared Friemel.


Joey is always eager to help and is kind to everyone he meets! He is a football trainer for Georgetown ISD, and he goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Joey attends Bridges in Georgetown and is constantly learning new things. Because he participates in many sports for Special Olympics Texas, Joey is always practicing and learning new techniques with a smile on his face.