February 09, 2021 | Updated: February 09, 2021

Carlos Jose Loya or CJ
24 years old

Meet CJ! CJ is an athlete in Area 19, El Paso. 

CJ is a well-rounded athlete and has been in Special Olympics since he was about 10 years old. Throughout the years, he's competed in gymnastics, equestrian, track and field. Now he likes to compete in bowling, bocce, basketball, cycling, track and field and has competed at state competitions for Bowling (2  years) and Basketball (1 year). In the future, he hopes to try Powerlifting and Golf!

In his free time, CJ like watching exercise videos and trying do them! He also likes to watch videos on his iPad and play video games (CJ likes XBox One). Finally, CJ loves to go on different trips, like camping or to vacation at his parent's resort timeshares! 

CJ is an incredible addition to the SOTX family!

Thanks for sharing your story with us, CJ!

  Pictured below: CJ, left
special olympics texas athletes receiving medals