July 16, 2018 | Updated: January 29, 2019

Life hasn’t been easy the last 8 months for three of our athletes, Rick Sanchez, Joe Cottingham and Kirby Mangum.  They were a few of the many that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. These long time Special Olympic Athletes live in Dickinson, Tx. and had to be rescued by boat because of high water in their neighborhood and 3 ft of water in their house.  They lost most everything that they owned due to the flooding.  After the highwater rescue, they spent time in one of the shelters in Houston until they could be picked up by one of their family members.  Since then they have been staying with family and friends until their house could be completely remodeled because of all the water damage.  They lost most everything in this tragic event but were very relieved to see their SOTX team bowling shirts made it through the flood.


Rick, Joe and Kirby are members of the Special Olympic - Dickinson Adult Classics Team and compete in sports along with volunteering for many Special Olympic competitions and fundraisers.  All three athletes are also on our Athlete Leadership Council and are leaders among the athletes, while volunteering in the community as well.  Along with their busy SOTX and volunteer schedules they find time to hold down jobs.  Rick works for McRee Ford, Joe works at Mod Pizza and Kirby is a valued employee of Outback Steakhouse.  Life is starting to return to normal since they recently moved back into their house.  We are very happy that they are finally home!!!


Welcome Home Guys!

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