August 07, 2012 | Updated: January 29, 2019

By Billy Cade

My name is Billy Cade.  I am a sophomore at Johnson High School where I participate in the Army JROTC program.  This year I competed in the first Special Needs Division, Color Guard competition at our annual Skills Meet.  I carry the Texas flag proudly!  I have also presented Colors with my JROTC Color Guard team at the 2011 DSASA Buddy Walk.  That was cool because the Buddy Walk promotes awareness about Down Syndrome.  I was able to demonstrate that Down Syndrome should not hold anyone back from being involved in what we want to do.  In November of 2011, I was presented with an Achiever of the Year Award by the ARC of San Antonio because of my accomplishments in the JROTC program.  This award was such an honor!

Special Olympics is also very important to me.  I participate in soccer, basketball, track and field, bowling and softball.  Soccer is my favorite.  I have played with NEYSO Special Teams in both the fall and spring seasons since I was five.  Thanks to coaches and other parents we were mentored, at an early age, to stay with the program and the results will follow.  This has proved itself over and over again.  I love my coaches and my teammates and look forward to state games every spring.

I am involved with our church youth program and choir.  Youth group has given me the opportunity to bond with my teenage peers…they get to know me and I get to know them.  This has been great all the way around.  I have also been able to participate in community service projects.  Wednesday evenings I am in confirmation and Sunday evenings, fellowship with other teens.  The choir program allows me the opportunity to express my love of music.  I was even cast in the production of Beauty and the Beast our church put on this past summer.

Finally, I just want everyone to understand that I am a teen.  I love music and love to dance.  I listen to my I-touch as continuously as I can and love Guitar Hero and Wii Dance.  I have two sisters, Jessica and Cathy.  Jessica is in college and Cathy is in 7th grade.  We have two big dogs, a cat and a gold fish.  Oh….I love Mom and Dad too.

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