February 04, 2017 | Updated: January 29, 2019

Robin Reeves of Abilene does it all – mom, coach, member of the area and State Families Committee. She’s been a coach for 15 years. Her son, Taegen, has competed in Special Olympics for 22 of his 31 years. Taegen does it all too, competing in bowling, powerlifting, Unified Golf (with his dad), athletics (as a pentathlete), basketball and bocce. Reeves coaches him in athletics, bowling and golf. She’s also been an aquatics coach.

“I tell people that he’s 31 and I’m busier now with Special Olympics than I ever was when my other son was playing in college!”

Reeves coaches Taegen in the sports where his team isn’t competing, so they’re bowling this weekend.

As part of the Families Committee, Reeves and her fellow members attend area and state competitions and encourage families to register with Special Olympics Texas. We want to make sure that families are engaged and have the right information, especially for the transition from high school to adulthood. “Any help or services that we have gone through as a parent, we can pass that information along as well,” she said.

The area committee organizes social activities at their competitions, such as family picnics outside of competition so that athletes can interact with their peers. “We have a picnic, grill hot dogs, play bocce. We’d like to have them do more activities, like go to a movie or maybe have a dance,” Reeves said.

Special Olympics training and competition has been a great outlet for Taegen.

“My husband is a Division 1 softball coach and our older son played sports in high school and college but I would say Taegen is our natural athlete. He absolutely loves the competition, and so Special Olympics was a way to let him be as competitive as his brother and his dad. It’s been a true blessing. Special Olympics has given him more opportunities in sports than my other son ever had. It’s great. Special Olympics is a wonderful, fabulous organization,” she said.

What’s her favorite part of Special Olympics Texas?

“The involvement and the joy that it brings the athletes and how it unifies everybody together. Everybody’s the same. It’s just so powerful and it’s just so much love and joy. If you ever go to a competition, you’re hooked for life.”

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