A Positive Sports Experience Starts with the Coach

Special Olympics Texas athletes participate in more sports and at higher levels than ever before. Much of this success can be attributed directly to the coaches. As a coach, you provide the sports skills and spirit that, when instilled, define a true athlete. You are a role model and character builder. You give Special Olympics athletes the most immediate awareness of their self-worth, ability, courage, and capacity to grow and improve.

Why Become a Special Olympics Texas Coach?

Coaches play an indispensable role in Special Olympics, and coaching education helps to ensure each coach and athlete has the best sport experience possible. Your attitude towards sports and competition will directly affect your athletes.  Special Olympics believes that the athletic experience and the camaraderie shared by teammates are what benefits athletes the most.

Coach Responsibilities:

  • Promote fair competition at all events.
  • Organize and conduct a sports training program.
  • Teach all coaching staff and athletes the rules of the sport.

How Do I Become a Coach?

Get Certified

The requirements to be a Special Olympics Texas coach are very simple... have a big heart and enjoy having a good time. Through the Coach Education System, you will go through a required certification process, which enables you to learn the skills necessary to help athletes reach their sports potential. Depending on your background and experience, different options are available to become certified. Experienced and knowledgeable instructors will provide the resources you need.

Coaching: A Place for Everyone

The idea of coaching a team may seem overwhelming, but you don't have to coach alone. You can share the responsibility and fun of coaching with another coach, friend or family member.  There are no limits to your coaching staff.