Cycling was first inaugurated at the 1987 Special Olympics World Games, while it was still considered a demonstration sport. Twenty-one athletes attended and proved their skill and ability. One year later, cycling was adopted as an official Special Olympics sport.

By the 1995 World Games, over 200 athletes from 25 countries competed in the sport of cycling. There were distances for all levels of athletes, and competition included everything from three-wheel events to 40 kilometer road races.

Special Olympics cyclists tone muscles and strengthen their cardiovascular system. Cycling is also an enjoyable leisure activity that offers relaxation and provides an inexpensive form of transportation.

Cycling is a summer sport for Special Olympics Texas with statewide competition at the Summer Games in May. The following events are sanctioned by Special Olympics Texas and are to be offered at all local, area and chapter competitions. The actual events scheduled and conducted at local, area and chapter competitions will be determined by a minimum number of entries in each event.

Level I
Level II
Level III
Unified Sports

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