Everything's Bigger Each Year at Special Olympics Texas and It's All Thanks to Your Big Hearts.

Give the gift of even Bigger accomplishments and a Better life in 2012 and join us in changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. For only $30 dollars a month or a dollar a day, you can support a Special Olympics Texas athlete for a year.  Your gift enables Special Olympics Texas to provide year-round sports training, competitions, health and inclusion programs that benefit our athletes, their families and your community. 

Currently there are 44,153 Special Olympics Texas athletes competing in 300 competitions throughout the year in 22 different sports. With the help of 30,793 volunteers and 3,544 coaches we are able to provide the various competitions that make Special Olympics Texas an essential part of each athlete's life.

Want to see your donations in action? Watch the videos below and see how your contribution is making for better lives in 2012.

There is a need for Special Olympics in our communities. Research has shown that one in every ten families is directly affected by a loved one with intellectual disabilities, making the work of Special Olympics vital to a large portion of our population.  We believe that people with intellectual disabilities, by learning and adapting through athletic competition, can effectively engage in and contribute to society at large.

The “defining” disabilities are often accompanied by many others as well, often including a tendency toward a sedentary lifestyle, compounding their disabilities with significant health risks.  Intellectual disability is seven times more likely to occur than deafness, nine times more likely to occur than cerebral palsy, 15 times more likely to occur than blindness and 35 times more likely to occur than muscular dystrophy.

A study by the University of Massachusetts Boston and the University of Utah revealed that more than half (52 percent) of adult Special Olympics athletes are employed; half of those in competitive employment.

Year-round sport training and competitions are our educational tool – the methodology used to help over 44,000 individuals in communities across Texas achieve their potential. Whatever the level of our athletes, by developing the skill set we teach, they add great value to our economy when successfully employed as office assistants or assembly line workers or grocery clerks, just to name a few. A Yale University study, published in the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, validated this approach, citing that individuals with intellectual disabilities who participated in Special Olympics programs achieved “higher social competence scores and more positive self-perception.” 

Participation in Special Olympics spurs activity and pursuit of physical fitness as a lifestyle choice.  More than half of Special Olympics athletes participate in three or more hours of physical activities per week in addition to their participation in Special Olympics. 

Start making a difference in the lives of over 44,000 Special Olympics Texas athletes.