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Hi, my name is Ian Rawn. I am awestruck that I am writing to you as a representative for Team Texas for the 2017 World Winter Games in Austria! I am honored to be chosen for the opportunity for a once in a lifetime chance to be on the Special Olympics world stage.

I'm a figure skater and I love to compete. I started skating eight years ago. When I started, I fell down a lot but I always got back up. Today I can jump, spin, twirl, and dance on the icy surface. When I am competing and the music comes on for my program, I feel excited and thrilled, and very confident that I can land my jumps and spins and do my footwork. When I finish I am happy that I did my best. I love skating so much that I belong to the local figure skating club and I volunteer at all their events…it is super fun and I get to meet awesome skaters and coaches.

I am so grateful you came to my funding page. I hope you can support me by either donating to Special Olympics or cheering me on for a gold medal, or praying for me and my family and for Team USA as we travel and compete. You could even come to Austria and be my enthusiastic cheerleaders! I hope to see you there.


Progress: 119%
Progress: 119%
Raised: $ 3580     Goal: $ 3000

In March 2017, more than 3,000 athletes from around the world will gather in Austria to compete in the Special Olympics Winter World Games. Ian Rawn will be the lone Texan on the Special Olympics USA team. Ian will be working hard to train and prepare to compete in the men’s figure skating competition…but we also have a job to do: help make sure that Ian is able travel to Austria. He needs to raise approximately $3,000 in order to be part of the Special Olympics USA team. Can you help him make it to Austria?

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Check out the Special Olympics 2017 World Winter Games website for more information.