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Applicants Process:

  1. Before applying, review the Quota List and Event Listing, and make sure that you have participated in that sport and at the chapter level indicated during the 2015/2016 season.
    Individual sport slots are also subdivided into levels, so review the sports at each level so you are familiar with which level you qualified for.
  2. Fill out the athlete/coach/team application if applicable.
    Please supply complete information when possible
    Athletes applying in individual sports must be 14 years old the first day of competition while athletes on team sport must be 16 years old or older.
    Athletes and Coaches may apply for more than one sport if they qualify.
    They must fill out one application for each sport for which they are applying.
  3. Coach applicants must be a level 2 coach or agree to attend a level 2 training course prior to the 2018 National Games.
  4. Team applications must consist of the team application, a coach application for each coach, and a Team Sport athlete/Unified Partner application for each athlete/partner.
    A combined team of athletes from other delegations is acceptable, but the athletes must have competed in that sport at the chapter level in 2015/2016 season.

Deadline for receipt of applications by the Chapter Office is February 28, 2017

Chapter Sports Management Team Process

  1. A few members of the Chapter Sports Management Team will meet in March to make selection.
  2. Candidates applications will be screened to assure that they meet all criteria.
    Sidny Harker and Suzanne Anderson will prescreen applicants and will only send forward those that are of the appropriate level.
    (Example: We have a level 2 slot and level 1 athlete applies.)
  3. Sports Management Team will review and make recommendations.
    We will discuss applicants with AD's and have their recommendations.
    If athlete does not have appropriate life skills, the will need to be remove from pool.
  4. For each National Games slots, the names of all screened candidates applying will be placed in a bowl and a name will be randomly drawn. The draw will be weighted in favor of those applicants who have never attended a National or World Games.
  5. A random selection will also take place for team selection, with the caveat that more review may need to be given to the selection of the teams.
  6. An alternate will be selected for each sport, which will also be randomly drawn.
  7. Consideration will not be given to an area/regional distribution.

If you have questions, call Suzanne Anderson, Vice President of Field Services 512-491-2934 or email