La Feria ISD MATP - January 2019

DATE: January 25, 2019

AREA: Area 01 - Rio Grande Valley

Start Time: 09:00 A.M.

End Time: 11:30 A.M

The Motor Activities Training Program, MATP, is a great opportunity for the children in attendance to have fun and participate in the motor activities. Participation is a key element that Area One strives to portray in our events provided throughout the Rio Grande Valley, and the MATP, provides the opportunity for all individuals qualified for Special Olympics Texas to participate. The MATP Event is a remarkable treat for all involved from the set-up crew to the coaches, athletes, and as well as to the family and loved ones of the participants.

Our Area will have an MATP Event to begin the year, this event will be taken place at La Feria High School, and will be under the direction of the Head of Delegation, Ms. Monica Uribe, the Head of Delegation, and the La Feria ISD has been planning together for this event to provide an interactive opportunity for all their students of the district. This event will take place on Friday, January 25, 2019, scheduled to begin at 9:30 AM, until 11:30 AM, and they will be set-up at the La Feria High School Gymnasium, located at 901 N Canal St, in La Feria, TX 78559.

Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the MATP Event, please call the office 956.630.3434, or via email or


La Feria HS Gymnasium
901 N Canal St 
La Feria,  TX  78559


Ytszel Trinidad