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Winter Games means fun times, plenty of competitions and traveling. For Conroe ISD H.O.D. David Kight it's a chance to bring some of his athletes from his area to state games for the first time. 

Coach Kight has brought about 25 Conroe ISD athletes 156 miles to Austin to compete in bowling and powerlifting at Winter Games. It's a chance for some of his kids to experience the world outside their home town for the first time.  

"It means so much to the athletes to travel and see friends they haven't seen in a while. They get so excited.  Some of our athletes have never stayed at a hotel, so it's a chance for them to see some new places and meet some new friends," said Coach Kight.

The Adaptive PE teacher has been a coach for 20 years with Special Olympics Texas, but says even if he wasn't a teacher, he would still be involved in one way or another.

"It's just wonderful to be out here with all these athletes, watching them be successful in whatever sport they compete in," said Coach Kight.

What keeps him coming back each year? 

"The enthusiasm! Just listen to that (referring to the crowd cheering on a powerlifter)," said Coach Kight.

These experiences can last a lifetime and can build their confidence to go on and do bigger and better things.  It's all about the successes.

"I run into my athletes working at Krogers or other work places and it's just a great feeling knowing I had a part in their success," said Kight.

Coach Kight says there have been plenty of moments that stand out and he can't imagine any other way to spend a weekend than hanging out with his team. As far as the Conroe ISD team is concerned they have nothing but love and admiration for their coach and his winning ways.

What will all the kids be talking about on the drive home to Conroe? Coach Kight quickly replied with a smile, "Who won medals and who got ribbons."

How about the dance?  "Yeah, they'll talk about that a little," said Coach Kight.

Of course that's just a part of Winter Games, but it's an important part that many athletes cherish, next to the friendships, the competitions, the travel and oh, the Victory Dance.  

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