April 12, 2017 | Updated: January 29, 2019

Sgt. Brenda Hassell is an integral part of the SOTX-Area 17 family. She began working with the Lubbock County Sherriff’s Office in January 2005 and did not miss a beat in joining their LETR Efforts that same year. For the last 13 years, Sgt. Hassell has become an amazing advocate and friend for each and every one of the athletes across the South Plains. If you ask Brenda why she continues to come back year after year, she simply states, “I enjoy helping and making people happy”. And she really does both of those things very well. Sgt. Hassell can be found at every single LETR event in Area 17 whether it’s in uniform or in costumes such as Pikachu to bring a smile to everyone’s face. When she’s not helping to fundraise for our amazing athletes, she’s helping out at Opening Ceremonies or cheering on our athletes at their sporting events. When asking Sgt. Hassell what her favorite memories have been of working with LETR she says, “Meeting and seeing all of the athlete’s dancing with the LETR Officers at Summer Games. Especially when it’s bringing smiles to the team of officers from the Lubbock County Sherriff’s Office and Lubbock Police Department attending these games.”

We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication Sgt. Hassell has shown our athletes and community over the last 13 years. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to what is to come with our Torch Run efforts while she is leading the pack.  

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