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Team Registration & Coaches Meetings
Registration will be on Thursday, May 16 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

A message from our CEO/President: 

Dear Coaches and HOD’s,   

As I traveled around the state of Texas listening to challenges that faced our Areas, one of the most mentioned concerns was the quota on State Games, especially basketball.  I told everyone that we would no longer have quotas on state level competitions, and we have kept that promise.  This has created a wonderful problem, but never the less it is a problem.  We have approximately 1,000 more athletes participating in the 2019 State Basketball Tournament.

This amazing increase in numbers has created the following issues, but there are solutions to these issues.  The solution will lead to changes that we want to inform participants of in advance, and we will have an ongoing communication process to address questions as they come up.

  1. Facility Availability – We will be operating 15-20 courts daily to meet the capacity needs, and this will lead to similar situation we deal with at State Bowling, there will be a considerable distance between venues (up to 35 minutes apart).  We will be using all the gyms at UT – Arlington, Grand Prairie ISD and the Fieldhouse USA Grapevine. 
  2. Staffing – We will have Staff and Volunteers at all venues, but there will be different faces both on the court and off the court.  There will be different communication styles, conflict resolution and patience will be tested at times.  We must make this work for the Athletes.
  3. Classification proceduresTeams will be classified based on their area performances, and we know this will have some bumps in the road.  However, the amazing volunteers and staff putting this together have years of experience and we will do our very best to build a solid competition.  This will not be perfect the first year, but we must get our rating systems consistent throughout Texas if we want to have the “No Quota System” to be effective.  This will be done with intense effort to review teams that we know well from years of coming to state, and for the teams we do not know well we will work hard to compare area and regional scores to evaluate those teams.

It will be a great event with so many more Athletes getting the opportunity to participate, but we know with large growth there will be some large issues that we want to get in front of.  We are very excited and want to start the communication now (we will be having three calls per week to review the 2019 Basketball and Cheer Competition).

We thank you in advance for supporting this amazing growth and all of the Athletes, Volunteers, Families and Staff in this process.


Tim Martin

CEO/ President

Special Olympics Texas