Special Olympics Texas Area Offices

There are 19 area offices throughout the state, which focus on providing services and delivering programs for over 44,000 athletes in Texas. 

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1 Rio Grande Valley 4,403
2 South Texas  1,222 
Greater Houston  4,360 
Beaumont  657 
Heart of East Texas  962 
East Texas  893 
North Texas  706 
10  Greater Dallas  5,772 
11  Greater Fort Worth  4,060 
12  Heart of Texas  1,210 
13  Central Texas  2,660 
14  Big Country  1,052 
16  Panhandle  524 
17  South Plains  894 
18  Permian Basin/Big Bend  547 
19  El Paso  3,110 
20  San Antonio  8,124 
21  Laredo  1,409 
22  Gulf Coast  2,021 

TOTAL: 44,541

Texas Map

Gulf Coast Laredo San Antonio Greater El Paso Permian Basin/Big Bend South Plains Panhandle Big Country Cenral Texas Heart of Texas Greater Fort Worth Area Greater Dallas Area North Texas Area East Area Heart of East Texas Area Greater Beaumont Area Greater Houston Area South Texas Area Rio Grande Area